Below are some of the reasons why board certification is such a coveted credential in the medical community.

  • A guarantee of standards – Once a doctor is licensed in the United States, they are able to practice any field. However licensing is not a guarantee that they specialize in the particular field they’re practicing. Experience is extremely important when it comes to cosmetic surgery and board certification lets you know that a doctor has trained extensively in the field they’re practicing and have passed a number of written and oral exams.
  • Board certified surgeons must keep up with the latest advancements in their field – Keeping up with advancements is hugely important when it comes to cosmetic, since there are new products and practices arising all the time.
  • Best practices in patient safety, communication and ethics must be upheld – Board certification also means that a doctor must be the safety of their patients above all else. They must also demonstrate excellent communication skills.

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