Silicone vs Saline

  • They’re cheaper – Saline implants cost around $1000 less per pair when compared to silicone. This is certainly a significant benefit although there might be more compelling reasons to opt for silicone that make the extra cost worth it.
  • They can be used for women from 18 years old – Unlike silicone implants, where the patient must be at least 22 years old, saline implants can be used in women as young as 18. This obviously makes them an appealing choice for very young women who want to get breast augmentation surgery.
  • They can be filled after placement – Saline implants can be filled after they have been put in place. This means a smaller incision scar is required and also makes them ideal for transaxillary (armpit) breast augmentation.
What are IDEAL implants?

IDEAL implants are a form of saline implants that address a lot of the common issues with traditional saline implants, such as their tendency to ripple and having a less natural feel than silicone implants.

  • The feel natural to the touch – One of the biggest benefits that silicone implants have over regular saline implants is that they feel more natural. Although both saline and silicone implants look natural, most women find that silicone implants have a more natural feel to them.
  • They retain their shape well – Another benefit of silicone implants is that they hold their shape very well. This makes them ideal for women who are looking for a particular shape, such as tear drop implants.
  • They are less prone to rippling – The cohesive nature of silicone means they do not have the same tendency to ripple or fold like saline. Rippling can be a particular big problem for women with thinner frames, which is why silicone implants are usually recommended for such women.
What are gummy bear implants?

Gummy bear implants are still silicone implants but are made from more cohesive material, which means they hold their shape very well and are safer in the event of a rupture since they don’t leak.

Each type of implant has pros and cons. Lets connect and choose a implant that suits your dreams and goals. The best results start with great communication!

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