Periaerolar Incision

Some of the advantages of periareolar incision breast augmentation are –

  • Camouflaged scars – Because of where the incisions are made, the scars left behind are fairly well camouflaged with this type of surgery.
  • Small scars – If saline implants are used then the incisions required are smaller since they can be filled after placement. This of course means that the scars left on the breasts are very small.

Some of the disadvantages are –

  • Scars on the surface of the breasts – Although the scars are usually well camouflaged, they can still be seen in certain situations and this isn’t ideal if you want to keep the fact that you’ve had breast augmentation surgery to yourself.
  • Possible complications with breastfeeding – Another downside of periareolar breast augmentation is that it can cause complications with breastfeeding. This is due to where the incisions are made. This alone can be enough to put a lot of women off this type of surgery.

The periareolar incision is a great solution for certain women. The scar is very small and almost undetectable. Make sure you choose the right surgeon for this delicate procedure!

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