Gummy Bear Implants

  • They retain their shape – The fact that gummy bear implants are considerably more cohesive than regular silicone implants mean they retain their shape better too. This makes them ideal for breast augmentation surgery, when consistency in shape and texture is key to a good result.
  • Ruptures are much safer – Because gummy bear implants are very cohesive it also makes them much safer in the event of a rupture. Regular silicone implants can leak when they rupture, which can be a problem if it’s not spotted for a long time. Gummy bear implants don’t have this problem. That being said – it’s still recommended that you have an MRI scan once every three years, so you are aware if there are any issues with your implants.
  • A natural look and feel – One of the biggest advantages of silicone implants in general is that they provide a more natural feel when compared to saline implants. This is especially true where gummy bear implants are concerned since they retain their shape better over time.

If you’re considering breast augmentation surgery then you’re likely wondering if gummy bear implants are the right choice for you.

This will depend on the type of look and feel you want. Gummy bear implants are shaped like teardrops, which makes them ideal if you’re looking for a natural look that slopes at the nipple and has fullness at the bottom.

However, you’re looking for a rounder appearance then it might be better to consider another type of implant for your surgery.

Each type of implant has pros and cons. Lets connect and choose a implant that suits your dreams and goals. The best results start with great communication!

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