Ideal Implants

  • Stronger – The internal structure of IDEAL implants means they’re considerably stronger than regular saline implants. Saline implants can sometimes be quite susceptible to rippling and folding since they’re usually very thin, but IDEAL implants have a number of shells that help to improve the strength of the implants significantly.
  • Requires smaller incision – Because IDEAL implants are saline-based, they can be filled after they’re inserted into the breasts, meaning a smaller incision is required. This also makes them ideal for transaxillary (no-scar) breast augmentation.
  • Easy to remove – The fact that IDEAL implants are saline-based means they’re also easy to remove, whether it’s because a new surgery is required or in the unlikely event of a rupture.
  • Natural look and feel – Saline implants are often not considered to be as natural to the touch as silicone. The more stable structure of IDEAL implants though, means that they are natural looking and feel natural too.
  • Ruptures are easily detected – One of the big disadvantages of silicone, particularly newer more cohesive forms of silicone implants, is that it can be difficult to detect ruptures. This is obviously far from ideal and is why women who get silicone implants are recommended to have an MRI at least once every three years.
  • Completely safe – The fact that IDEAL implants are filled with saline (salt water) solution means that they’re completely safe and cannot cause you harm even if they rupture and leak.

Each type of implant has pros and cons. Lets connect and choose a implant that suits your dreams and goals. The best results start with great communication!

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