Is it safe?

Yes. General anesthesia is very safe and any minor side effects can be easily managed. Major problems are very rare with general anesthesia. Patients are usually advised not to eat for at least 8 hours prior to receiving anesthesia so it can work properly.

Will my body be monitored while I’m out?

Yes. The job of the anesthesiologist is to keep an eye on the functioning of your body, including heart rate and breathing to ensure that you’re entirely safe while the surgery it being performed.

How long until I recover?

When you wake up from general anesthetic it’s normal to feel a bit drowsy for the first few hours. Anesthesia can affect your memory and concentration for a day or two so it’s important that you can someone who can drive you home from your surgery and that you don’t drink any alcohol for at least 24 hours

We depend on great anesthesiologists to keep all our procedures safe and pain free. Contact our team with any concerns or thoughts about your procedure.

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