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One of the major decisions to make with any form of breast augmentation is the implants that will be used. Patient preference plays a big role in this decision but where minimal scarring is a priority, saline implants are often recommended.

The reason for this is that saline implants can be inserted as shells and then filled once they’re in place. This means a smaller incision can be made to insert them and therefore less noticeable scars are left behind.

The alternatives to inframammary breast augmentation are –

  • Transaxillary breast augmentation – Transaxillary breast augmentation is a type of surgery where the incision is made at the armpit rather than on or near the breasts. The obvious benefit to this type of procedure is that the breasts themselves are not tampered with and have no scars left on them.
  • Periareolar breast augmentation – Periareolar breast augmentation is performed by making an incision at the curve of the areola (the dark skin around the nipple) to insert the implants. This type of surgery usually provides very good results although scars, faint as they may be, are left on the surface of the breasts.

Beneath the breast incision is the most common breast augmentation technique. Our team has deep experience with this delicate procedure. Contact Dr. Lynam to learn all your surgical options.

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