Choosing the right size

  • Your own preference –If you’re considering breast augmentation surgery then it’s likely you already have a rough idea of the size you’d like for your implants. Your personal preference should always play a big role when making a decision on size.
  • Before and after pictures – One of the best ways to determine the size of the implants you’d like is by looking at before and after pictures. This will give you a very clear idea on what results you can expect for any given size of implants.
  • How you’ll be perceived by family and friends – This is a big concern for a lot of women. It’s very common for women who opt for breast augmentation to desire the most natural looking results possible, since they don’t want to be judged harshly be friends or family for going too large.
  • Your current breast size – This is very important since there is a limit to what can be achieved in one surgery as far as size increase goes. Your skin only has so much elasticity so your current breast size, including width, will determine how much bigger you’re able to go.
  • Your current build – Your build is a big determining factor when it comes to the size and type of implants used. Slimmer women can have problems with rippling so silicone implants of a modest size are often advised.
  • Your preference – Although any good surgeon will advise you, they should still put emphasis on your personal preference. After all, you’re the one who has to live with the result of your surgery.

The right size is about your anatomy and your goals. Let’s review all your options and choose a implant that suits your body and your vision for the procedure.

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